Our modern vehicles meet the strictest enviromental requirements. We can follow them with the help of GPS system and we can offer our clients to reach this opportunity too. . We are keeping in touch our drivers via the built-in GPS system and mobile phones.

We have CMR insurance, which is needed to provide international forwarding services, for all our vehicles. We check and renew our CMR insurance every year. Our vehicles are supplied with motorway boxes , comform in surrounding countries. These boxes help the continous and efficient advance of the vehicles. 

The servicing of the vehicles is provided also abroad by Assistance Service Contract. Our colleagues both transport organizer, and drivers have been members of our team for a long time. Their professional knowledge and skills help our company’s improvment.

International road transport

Our company deals with road transportation, we provide both full truckload shipping (FTL) and less than truckload shipping (LTL) services. We optimize our client’s costs by choosing the adequte type of transportation which is suited to the type, bulk, weight or packing of the cargo.

Our trucks are DAF105 and SCANIA EURO5 and EURO 6 vehicles with truck trailer
Volumetric capacity: 80-90 m3
Capacity: 24 tons
Loading area: 208cm x245x136 cm

References and partners

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